Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Sedona gives me the creeps

I wrote this a few years ago, and wanted to refer to it in a blog today. To my surprise it had never made it to this platform. So here goes.

We are frequent listeners to "Coast to Coast" radio and generally enjoy exploring the unusual as well as celebrating the daily.

We were doing an RV trip to the region, and Sedona was high on the list of must-see. The town is supposed to be surrounded by energy vortexes where people have interesting psychic experiences. New Agers flock there.

The landscape with the famous red rocks and lots of leafy greenery is indeed stunning. No complaints there. The place is a tourist trap, but we were tourists so we have no right to whine about that.

We couldn't feel anything from lying around on Bell Rock, but  I have to admit that my psychic channels are blocked. The fact that I cannot feel something does not mean no energy is there.

It took me a while to realize why the place made me feel uneasy. 

Too much "Love and Light". Too many people like myself, your basic fuzzy healer-astrologer-herbalist-bleeding-heart-liberal. There has to be contrast. There has to be balance. The place lacks both. It is just not real.

Sedona has laws against anything ugly. Things you will not find in Sedona:

A field littered with old cars and dilapidated tractors because the parts might come in handy some day.

Guys in greasy work clothes on their way home from a day in the mill or the woods. The kind of guy who truly makes the world go around, and don't you forget it.
Pickup trucks with a load of firewood and a dead deer on top, signs of a self-sufficient life style.

In short, Sedona is in desperate need of some honest down-to-earth blue collar rednecks.

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