Monday, November 14, 2011

Angels and beasts, light and shadow.

A dear local genius is writing a play about what in New Age circles is called The Shift. There is much todo about love, light, a New Reality, and creating heaven here on earth. 

I was asked for feedback. Alas. It makes me want to break out in irreverent guffaws and make snide remarks. Not nice perhaps. Apart from the fact that I am profoundly ambivalent about group energy, I have a tendency to play Devil's Advocate no matter what the topic. In a room full of people who think exactly like I do I can be counted on to propose an alternate view. 

Anyway. The concept of heaven here on earth gives me the creeps in the same way Sedona gives me the creeps, see previous post. 

To begin with I am not convinced that we 'create our own reality', at least not from this level of consciousness. 
But that is a different topic that we shall have fun with another time. 

My concern this time is the whole love and light thing. Sure, we can stand some more of it in the world. But historically efforts to bring heaven down to earth have resulted in less than desirable outcomes.

Blaise Pascal remarked that "Qui veut faire l'ange fait la bete" Sorry, I can't find a way to make an accent circonflexe. 
While he is far from my favourite philosopher, I think he nailed this one. Literally it means "who wants to be like an angel becomes a beast". When we try to become more than human, we end up less than human.

Some of the worst horrors the world has known have been inflicted by dictators who attempted to mould human society  into some perceived ideal. 

I don't desire heaven here on earth. Earth treated right will do me just fine. I wish you all Love, Light, and just the right amount of Shadow.

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troutbirder said...

Mmmmmmm. After reading a few rumminations here I'm now wondering if I could be a semi (ageing) hippy and never realized it before?