Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11: where I was 11 years ago.

It was the day after the annual Hills Garlic Fest, which was still held in Hills at that time. I was promoting my Amazon Herb Company business and had shared a booth with my friend Magda, these days AKA Granny Garlic.

I was also expecting to rendez-vous with an old friend who I had last seen in 1979. Towards the end of the afternoon this woman with short white hair appeared, staring at us with a toothy quizzical grin. "Judy?" Indeed. Now why had I expected her to still have long brown hair? We had a wonderful time getting reacquainted. Judy used to live in and near Nakusp before she moved to California.

The next day on September 11 the weather was glorious. Judy and I had been enjoying a leisurely morning together and were planning a ramble through the neighbourhood later. Mid-morning the phone rang. A friend said: "Turn on your T.V. Something big is happening in New York". 

We did, briefly. Then I turned it OFF. My comment was: "The Reichstag is burning. Mark my word, there go the civil liberties." Yes, I really thought that, right away.

I have no idea if 9-11 was an inside job or not. Quite frankly I don't think it matters much. What matters is the use that the Military Industrial Complex has made of it. Terrorist attack or not, 9-11 has been a boon to those who benefit from a  society ruled by fear and obsessed with security.

We decided we were NOT going to spend the day glued to images of death and destruction. Instead we were going to focus on vibration-raising activities. We walked the  land, saw old friends, dug the garlic patch, enjoyed the perfect day. So that is where I was 11 years ago today and where I remain.


Tint~ said...

It sounds like you were in the best place possible that day. I had to go back out to work after the news hit and was faced with "Go home, Americana!" As far as they were concerned, if you spoke English, you were American and all Americans deserved what they got. It was a fairly miserable time, but then, I wasn't in a vibrationally good place at the time myself, so... :)

*sigh* 4th time lucky, I hope. I can't get the captcha right. I think it's taking so long to load the page that Blogger's changing its mind on the captcha.

Ien van Houten said...

Mass hatreds always hit the wrong targets....I will see about removing the stupid captchas. Didn't realize this site used them.

Tint~ said...

I don't mind the captchas. They serve a purpose. They just make commenting with a limping internet frustrating. You are so write about mass hatreds. I doubt the world will learn in any hurry though. I have too many really good friends of all cultural and religious backgrounds to validate or tolerate any form of blind hate against a particular section of humanity.

Tint~ said...

Oh... I see you got rid of the captcha! :)

Piper's Pal said...

9/11 was just what the neo-liberals in Washington were waiting for. The Shrub, Rummy, Wolfie, Dirty Dick...the whole gang wanted to invade Iraq long before those planes hit the towers.

A conspiracy? I have a hard time believing in conspiracies simply because humans are no good at keeping secrets. Remember the old Sicilian saying: two can keep a secret only if one of them is dead.

Good that you got rid on those damn things. I cannot do them most of the time and end up getting frustrated so rarely even try. I am not a robot....I am not a robot...

Ien van Houten said...

" conspiracy? I have a hard time believing in conspiracies simply because humans are no good at keeping secrets. Remember the old Sicilian saying: two can keep a secret only if one of them is dead"

Exactly what my SIL always says. As for captchas, I wouldn't mind them if they were not so impossible to read.

mel said...

I was at my best friend's house, of course we only live an hour away from Washington DC...I never felt afraid...just sadness that these people Terroist killed so many innocent Moms dads kids aunts uncles brother sisters friends husbands and wives....just so sad that they hate us so much that they will kill themselves in the process....it will never change the hatred will always be there but we can love each other and be grateful for the folks that want no part of it or any kind of negativity....by the way my husband was right there at the Pentagon when the plane hit there...cell phones died there was no way to know if he was ok until he walked in the door....that was awful