Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Open letter to Justin Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

When your election brought an end to the Harper regime I was among the many celebrating an end to an oppressive episode in Canadian history. I did not vote for you, but was part of the movement that encouraged strategic voting. I even wrote letters to NDP candidates in certain ridings, begging them to stand down in favour of Liberal candidates if that would defeat the Harperites.* 

We did this in the expectation that we would never have to do it again if you won.

I fully recognise that your powers to affect change are limited by realities over which you have little or no control. Canada is part of a complex world where transnational corporations wield enormous power. 

On this issue however nothing stands in your way. Changing the electoral system to one where every vote counts is still well within the power of a national government. You made it an issue. There is NO EXCUSE. There is only the impression that the Bay Street Liberals are back, just with better looks and some modern social values. There is the impression that the Bay Street establishment is confident they have regained their old role as Canada's default ruling party. The present system works in their favor and they would like to keep it that way. 


There is already widespread distrust in the whole democratic system. Blatant disregard of promises made encourages cynicism and apathy. This in turn encourages extremism, as we have just witnessed South of the Border. There is still time to put this issue on the front burner. 

P.S. Ditto for Bill C51 and the legalisation of marijuana issue. Stop back pedaling! At least call in your attack dogs who are still arresting people selling tomorrow's medicine today.

*Like former Progressive Conservative Tom McMillan I do not consider Harperites Canadian conservatives.

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