Thursday, January 21, 2016

A short rant on an IKEA commercial

I am rather fond of IKEA. That Scandinavian design is all about making the most of small spaces, living well with style without spending a ton of money. I even like the commercials. Long live the home indeed.


The latest commercial goes on and on about making every second count. At first glance that is good advice. Be Here Now, live in the moment, all that good stuff. But then my warning  antennae start tingling.  Is home not supposed to be the place where you can just lean back and relax already? Does relaxation, feeling safe, letting go, not come with a certain amount of forgetting what time it is?

Not on a weekday in the IKEA home. The reason we have to be so aware of our precious seconds at home is because, in today's precarious economy, sec0nds is all we get. We barely get up and put a braid in our little daughter's hair and it is time for the whole family to dash off. 

Long live the home my foot. We are being groomed to not ask for more than the crumbs of our lives. We get the seconds, who gets the hours? Stay awake friends. Demand more.

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