Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If we were a rational species.......

If we were a rational species, which is obviously not the case, one issue would dominate our airwaves: Climate change, and how to mitigate its effect on a growing world population.
Insert sound track of Tiny Tim singing "The ice caps are melting". It is no longer a joke. 

I have just stumbled upon a radio station devoted entirely to the topic. The hour-long in depth interviews are perfect for accompanying kitchen work. I can't seem to turn it off. 

I am no fan of Blaise Pascal and his earth-denying form of Christianity. But he said some wise things, such as this: "If you want to convince people a thing is true, you must first make them wish it were true." No wonder it is so hard to get the message of climate change out. I wonder how I would react to this if I were the mother of young children, instead of safely at the end of my seventh decade? 

Being a regular human being rather than an eco saint I shall continue to muddle through while the muddling is good. I shall combine a measure of 'prepping' with a measure of applying the Edgar principle: If these are the last of the good old days, we should enjoy them as much as possible!

For those with ears that can hear, the programs can be accessed here:

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