Monday, August 13, 2012

So much for the stars!

One of the things I did not have in my purse when the car hit the ditch was my trusty We'Moon day timer with its built-in ephemeris. I also had no access to the internet, and I had been neglecting my astrological studies for a while. That is another blog, or several.

Now one of the few things I still keep track of is the retrograde periods of Mercury. For the astrologically illiterate: astrologers are quite aware of the fact that the Earth turns around the Sun, and that planets keep moving forwards in their regular orbits. But we are concerned with what it looks like from Earth. And seen from Earth, there are times when a planet appears to be going backwards, or retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde times are notorious for small glitches with communications. It is generally recommended that one uses the times for revision, check all details carefully, and avoid signing binding contracts till it goes direct again in a few weeks. 

Well. During our recent hospital ordeal the first week was crazy in terms of communications. For details see

I knew that Mercury was due to go retrograde sometime soon, or maybe it already was. All eyes were on July 16th, when the home land line would be fixed and regular communications could resume. We would also know more about medical decisions. Would I be sent home, or kept in hospital in between surgeries? We did not know till then.

If I had been asked to take a guess, I would have voted for Mercury being retrograde during the crazy period between July 5 and July 16, and going direct on the 16th or shortly afterwards. 

Guess what. Mercury went Retrograde on July 15th. This has to be recorded for the sake of honest investigation.

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