Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who to believe about medical news

Posted originally to Multiply May 17 2011

We briefly interrupt the garden/market frenzy to share informed comment (not by me) on an item that has been making the rounds.

The trouble when the regular media is full of BS, and people know it, is that they may start to believe just about anything from more Indie sources,  in the spirit of  the enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

I can be guilty of intellectual laziness myself, which is why I appreciate this comment from someone whose judgment I trust.
The item, regarding yet another suppressed cancer cure, is here.

The comment, quoted with permission, is in bold italics. It comes from a remarkable woman who is both a herbalist, and osteopath, and a medical doctor. I have the privilege of knowing her through a group of herbal friends.
Ok this article made me very angry.  If you are going to give people info like this at least be accurate.  
The geneticist in me is screaming.  Not that it didn't kill cancer cells.  Not even that it may be effective in killing some forms of cancer in humans.  Problem is one the whole argument of mitochondria being cells that fight cancer is ludicrous.  Mitochondria are NOT cells.  The are rather something else entirely.  
They are a very small part of EVERY cell.  They are handed down from mother to child.  
They most definitely do NOT kill cancer.  Nor do they need "turned on."  
Finally, the idea that one substance will fight all cancers is impossible simply because of penetration.  
The body is ridiculous in its ability to keep things in it separate. The brain is the best example.  
VERY VERY few things are able to penetrate its barriers.  And if this would most assuredly cause damage. 
We need to look at alternate ways.  It just aggravates me when a supposed reliable news source puts out something so inaccurate.  
It would have cost them one phone call to one biology teacher to find out they were telling people the wrong thing.
After I asked Kat permission to quote her she added this, also important.
What made me so angry is that I DO ride the fence so to speak on these things....I think from both sides.  I am offended by anything that so obviously makes my first love, herbalism, look foolish in the scientific community.  Having spent so many years in both worlds now...I know that truly brilliant people reside on both sides of my yard.  Yet I also know that truly ignorant people reside on both sides as well.  I so want to see the sides come together.  I want to see GOOD non biased science help clarify, enforce or debunk herbal traditions, whichever is appropriate.  I've wanted that since the beginning of this list when we were all trying things in mass and submitting our "findings."  We weren't perfect but we were really trying to be non biased.  AND we got answers!  I still use Super Tonic for sinus infections!  I still make my own very personal version of peoples paste.  I still make my own cough syrup.   Imagine the answers if we could do real double blinded studies on stuff that might not work...or might...but might not make money.  Sadly, it may never happen.
That being said, I can still hope and I can try to help where I think I'm needed.
If only we had more medical doctors like Kat Arenz!

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