Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy explanations that make sense. And why it shouldn't matter.

My best friend is into deep weirdness, like David Icke on steroids. Never mind all the details. Let's just say that I take what emerges from that corner with buckets of salt, but do keep it in the back of my mind, from where it will occasionally whisper "I told you so".

The latest proposition was: Obama may have been killed and cloned. The establishment puppet we see in Washington these days is not the same entitiy that inspired millions to hope that real change was possible through democratic means.

I know, it is crazy. We flashed on Woody Allen's 1973 scifi comedy "Sleeper", where a dictator's nose has been preserved so the evil creep can be cloned from it. But the reality of the Obama collapse has been so devastating that this explanation makes as much sense as anything rational.

Now why it shouldn't matter: The real reason for hope was never Obama himself. One man can be assissinated or otherwise neutralized. The real reason for hope was the many people who got galvanized by the promise of a more just society. The movement, not the man. Those people are still there. The need for activism is greater than ever. The real change may have to come in spite of political leadership rather than because of it.

To quote good old Ghandi: We have to be the change we wish to see in the world.

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