Monday, December 27, 2010

Spy vs Spy: fun (not) with conflicting conspiracy theories

Ever since a good friend shoved David Icke into my hands, some of his way-out-there ideas have taken up residence in the back of my mind.

Please note the careful language: I  would much prefer to dismiss his and similar notions with howls of disdainful laughter. While I am utterly indifferent to royalty, I prefer to think of the Queen as portrayed by Helen Mirren rather than as an evil shape-shifting reptilian. (I warned you this stuff is way-out-there)

However, given the absurdity of human history the idea of a secret not-quite-human hierarchy calling the shots, with the ultimate intention of creating as much misery as possible, makes as much sense as anything else.
It is said that "Against stupidity, the gods themselves battle in vain." What if 'the gods' are more interested in encouraging it than in fighting it?

In this model of reality, humanity's real power is its ability to raise vibrations. We have more chances of getting out of the trap of common misery by opening our hearts and focusing our minds on a desired outcome than by any direct battle. The Powers That Be  (TPTB) ridicule the realm of the esoteric, while using its power themselves. Humanity is encouraged to waste its energy on ineffective ways, like politics, to better its lot.

That, in a nut shell, is one conspiracy view of the world.
Now the flip side.

How about some quotes by Frederick Douglass for a start.

"I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs."
"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."
"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.""Without a struggle, there can be no progress."

We, meaning the citizens of the post-WWII North Atlantic civilization, have come of age in a world where many rights were taken for granted. 

It is easy to forget that such basics as the right to form labour unions, truly universal suffrage, access to contraceptives, to name just a few, had to be fought for.
The gains that were made always involved the dreary, painstaking work of political organizing. They took time, effort, and people literally taking to the streets in great numbers. Lives were put in the balance. Lives were lost.

So here is an opposite conspiracy theory: TPTB encourage fuzzy New Age thinking in the population in order to better control them. The psychological-industrial complex has been thriving on a climate of mass narcissicm. Are you happy
enough yet? No? Come for therapy!

A more in-depth blog is brewing on the concept that "you create your own reality."  For now let's just observe this: people who  feel 100% responsible for everything that happens to them may be less inclined to connect the dots to the big economic/political picture. Did you just lose your job because the plant moved to China? Never mind getting together with other displaced workers to see what can be done politically. You must not have been 'manifesting' right!

Are we having fun yet?

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