Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beards on the News

Do you ever wonder who gets to decide what becomes The News?

In the last few days the local news on CBC has been agonizing over the accidental trimming of an old man's beard. The man was a Sikh, and they are not supposed to cut body hair, ever.
This was an honest mistake by a nurse who had only been in the jurisdiction for 6 months and somehow missed the relevant multi-culti training moment. Apologies were duly extended by the nurse in question and the Fraser Health Authority.

I can see how mentioning this incident on B.C. news can be appropriate. But it went on and on. The handwringing! The breast beating! The agonizing over how to take measures so that "this will never happen again..."! You'd think the man had been murdered by someone with a prejudice against turbans.

People, can we get a grip here? We have an ailing planet on our hands and an economic system in crisis. We're all on this boat together. Could we focus on what's important please?

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